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Here at Linear iT Solutions, first and foremost, we want to provide our clients and customers an unparalleled degree of responsiveness to all of their technology needs. As well, we will cultivate an environment that will be a source of pride for every employee and vendor with whom we work.

Linear IT Solutions was started on the coattails of a devastating story. A small business owner, ex-Columbus Police Department officer Rick Shantery, died tragically in a motorcycle accident in September of 2016. With no contingency plan in place for the company, and having it tied up in the courts and with an ex-wife, the existing customers were being left high and dry for their IT services. In order to continue servicing them and not leave any clients behind, Scott Verbus and Dan Hill continued to work, unpaid, in order to keep everyone up and running. In November of 2016, Scott established Linear IT Solutions. In January of 2017 Linear began operations and continues to support these central Ohio businesses.